Money, Money, Money

by Pavel and Maigret

Paying tribute to and honouring Pavel Lubimor Pomezny

It must have been in the early seventies that Pavel gave me a packet trick where some playing cards produced several different banknotes. I have performed this trick for more than thirty years and I consider it to be the most beautiful packet trick ever constructed.
Due to the introduction of the Euro currency in 2002, it is no longer possible to perform the trick in its original form. Moreover, the cards were in bridge size and the graphics were simple coloured drawings.
I decided to make the trick in poker format to increase the visual impact. I also replaced the drawings with more realistic photographs and adapted the currency units to the actual situation. The patter and presentation transform a simple packet trick into an entire "act".
The underlying idea and the majority of the handlings are, however, almost 100 per cent derived from Pavel.

If I have succeeded in improving or updating this trick, it is by standing on the shoulders of a giant who left us much too soon.
And that 'giant' was undoubtedly the wonderful and talented magician Pavel. So all credit and honour goes to him.
My thanks go to his wife Barbara Pomezny for granting me the production and selling rights.

Pavel (born Prague 1945 - died Geneva 2011) was a brilliant and outstanding magician. When he was only 17 he won the "Magician of the Year" trophy at a Czech convention.
In 1968 he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and in 1982 he won the prestigious Invention prize at the FISM Congress for his "Walking Knot". He will always be remembered for his beautiful routines with ropes. Magicians all over the world have added these routines to their acts.
He published the book "La Magie de Pavel" in 1969 and an English translation appeared in 1971 with the title "The Magic of Pavel". In 2003, L&L released the 4 DVD-set "The Creative Magic of Pavel" which is still available at numerous magic shops.
His wife Barbara still runs his web shop where you can buy his wonderful rope tricks.